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Vol. 118, Issue 7, July 2010, pp.110-121




ZigBee Radio with External Power Amplifier and Low-Noise Amplifier


Allan HUYNH, Jingcheng ZHANG, Qin-Zhong YE and Shaofang GONG

Department of Science and Technology

Bredgatan 33, SE-601 74 Norrköping, Sweden

Tel.: +46-11-363089

E-mail: Allan.Huynh@liu.se



Received: 25 February 2010   /Accepted: 24 July 2010   /Published: 31 July 2010


Abstract: This paper presents the performance study of a ZigBee module with both an external power amplifier and a low-noise amplifier, measured in outdoor and indoor environments, respectively. Our previous study has already shown that the indoor campus environment such as walls and floors would reduce the radio link range drastically and the packet error rate increased. In this study, both an external power amplifier and a low-noise amplifier have been added to a ZigBee module to increase both the transmitter power and receiver sensitivity. It is shown that with an external power amplifier and a low-noise amplifier the outdoor radio range can reach up to 1600 m with a negligible packet error rate compared to 144 m without any external amplifier for point-to-point radio connection. Thus, by increasing both the transmitter power and receiver sensitivity the radio range can be increased significantly. The power consumption issue with the added amplifiers is studied as well, indicating that the module can still be battery driven with a battery lifetime of about 9 years at a normal sampling rate to the sensor.


Keywords: ZigBee, Power amplifier, Low-noise amplifier, Radio range


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