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Special Issue: Modern Sensing Technologies

Vol. 90, April 2008, pp. 117-127



A Versatile Prototyping System for Capacitive Sensing


Daniel HRACH, Hubert ZANGL, Anton FUCHS

Institute of Electrical Measurement and Measurement Signal Processing,

Graz University of Technology, Graz, Austria

E-mail: hrach@TUGraz.at, http://www.emt.tugraz.at



Received: 15 October 2007   /Accepted: 20 February 2008   /Published: 15 April 2008


Abstract: This paper presents a multi-purpose and easy to handle rapid prototyping platform that has been designed for capacitive measurement systems. The core of the prototype platform is a Digital Signal Processor board that allows for the entire data acquisition, data (pre-) processing and storage, and communication with any host computer. The platform is running on uCLinux operating system and features the possibility of a fast design and evaluation of capacitive sensor developments. To show the practical benefit of the prototyping platform, three exemplary applications are presented. For all applications, the platform is just plugged to the electrode structure of the sensor front-end without the need for analogue signal pre-conditioning.


Keywords: Blackfin, uCLinux, Capacitance liquid fill level, Spatial filtering, Flow measurement


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