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Vol. 6, Special Issue, August 2009, pp.92-104





Sensitivity Enhancement of Wheatstone Bridge Circuit for Resistance Measurement


1*Tarikul ISLAM, 1Shakeb A. KHAN, 2Sheikh S. ISLAM, 3HARSH

1Deptt. of Electrical Engg., F/O Engg. & Technology, Jamia Millia Islamia (J. M. I University),
New Delhi -110025, India

2Deptt. of App. Sciences and Humanities, F/O Engg. & Technology, J. M. I. University,
New Delhi -110025, India

3Solid State Physics Laboratory, Lucknow Road, Teemarpur, Delhi – 110054, India

Tel.: +91-11-26982674

E-mail: tislam.el@jmi.ac.in



Received: 10 July 2009   /Accepted: 31 July 2009   /Published: 10 August 2009


Abstract: Present work deals with the development of a low cost, appreciably accurate and sensitive electronic circuit for resistive sensor. The circuit is based on the modification of the Wheatstone bridge using active devices. It helps measurement of the incremental resistance precisely and linearly. It requires few components for its hardware implementation and found to be suitable in case there is small change in resistance due to change in physical quantity or chemical analytes to be measured. Theory of the proposed bridge circuit has been discussed and experimental results have been compared with conventional full bridge circuit. Experiments have been conducted with metallic strain gauge sensor but it can be utilized to other resistive sensors. Results show that the output of the circuit is almost four times more than usual full Wheatstone bridge circuit. Experimental results show that the errors due to the effects of the ambient temperature and connecting lead resistance are minimized.


Keywords: Resistive sensor, Wheatstone bridge, Active bridge, Sensitivity enhancement, Temperature effect, Lead resistance


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