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Do you know how many people read your article in a journal ? Even if it was published in a high-cited journal there is no any guarantee that it was read. But in case of publication in a popular online journal with appropriate service for authors and readers you can know precisely how many people read your article per month, per year or since its date of publication in the journal.


Since May 2006 Sensors & Transducers Journal has started to supply such kind of statistics. Now you are able to see most downloaded articles per month. I hope this services will be very useful for our present authors, our promising authors, and, of course, for our readers.


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Handbook of Laboratory Measurements



25 Top List of Most Downloaded Articles in August 2012

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and Year


Number of Downloads

1. Folder Impact Factor of Sensors Journals: What Does it Really Mean ? Yurish S. Y.


January 2008 I-III 279 Down arrow
2. Folder Sensors: Smart vs. Intelligent Yurish S. Y. 114/3 March 2010  I-VI 131 Down arrow
3. Folder Non-Dispersive Infrared Gas Measurement (Editorial Book Review) IFSA 142/7 July 2012 I-II 91 -
4. Folder Modern Sensors, Transducers and Sensor Networks (Editorial Book Review) IFSA 140/5 May 2012 I-II 90 Down arrow
5. Folder Ultrasonic Obstruction Detection and Distance Measurement Using AVR Microcontroller Satish Pandey, Dharmendra Mishra, Anchal Srivastava, Atul Srivastava, R. K. Shukla 95/8 August 2008 49-57 89 Down arrow
6. Folder Handbook of Laboratory Measurements and Instrumentation: Editorial Review Yurish S. Y. 128/5 May 2011  I-VI 80 Down arrow
7. Folder Multiple Traffic Control Using Wireless Sensor and Density Measuring Camera Amrita Rai and Govind Singh Patel 94/7 July 2008 126-132 76 Up arrow
8. Folder World Sensors and MEMS Markets: Analysis and Trends Sergey Y. Yurish, Nikolay V. Kirianaki, Igor L. Myshkin 62/12 December 2005 456-461 67

Down arrow

9. Folder Smart Sensor Systems: Book Review IFSA 102/3 March 2008 I-II 66 Up arrow
10.Folder Digital Sensors and Sensor Systems: Practical Design: Editorial Review IFSA


January 2012 I-III 60

Down arrow

11.Folder Sensors Expo & Conference 2008: Main Trends, Newest Sensors and High Technologies Yurish S. Y. 93/6 June 2008 I-IX 56 Up arrow
12.Folder Electronic Nose Technology and its Applications Esmaeil Mahmoudi 107/8 August 2009 17-25 55 Down arrow
13.Folder IFSA Publishing Starts to Publish Hardcover and Paperback Books IFSA 141/6 June 2012 I-II 54 Down arrow
14.Folder Practical Circuits and Interface Techniques for MEMS Accelerometers with Quasi-Digital Output Yurish S. Y. 58/8 August 2005 352-359 53 Up arrow
15.Folder OGC® Sensor Web Enablement Standards George Percivall 79/9 September 2006 698-706 52 Up arrow
16.Folder Design of a Opto-Isolator Circuit for Analogue DC Signal S. C. Bera, B. Chakraborty 83/9 September 2007 1574-1579 48 -
17.Folder Data Acquisition Systems for Quasi-Digital Temperature Sensors Based on Universal Frequency-to-Digital Converter Yurish S. Y. 57/7 July 2005 341-351 47 -
18.Folder Zirconia Oxygen Sensor for the Process Application: State-of-the-Art Pavel Shuk, Ed Bailey, Ulrich Guth 90/Special April 2008 174-184 42 -
19.Folder Microcontroller Based Closed Loop PMDC Motor Position Control System Subrata Chattopadhyay, Utpal Chakraborty, Arindam Bhakta and Sagarika Pal 102/3 March 2009 62-70 41 Up arrow
20.Folder Implementation of FPGA based PID Controller for DC Motor Speed Control System Savita Sonoli, Nagabhushan Raju Konduru 114/3 March 2010 170-183 40 -
21.Folder Modern MEMS Technologies and Advanced Signal Processing: How to Obtain More Benefits in Smart Sensors Systems ? Yurish S. Y.


October 2003 I-III 39 Up arrow
22.Folder Performance Analysis of CDMA Wireless Sensor Networks in Shadowed Environment U. Datta, C. Kundu, S. Kundu 118/7 July 2010 87-100 38 Down arrow
23.Folder Intelligent Opto Sensors’ Interfacing Based on Universal Frequency-to-Digital Converter Yurish S. Y.


June 2005 326-334 36 Down arrow
24.Folder Drowsy Driver Detection via Steering Wheel Herlina Abdul Rahim, Zulkifli Yusop and Ruzairi Abdul Rahim 120/9 September 2012 119-133 35 Down arrow
25.Folder The Wireless Notification System for the Hearing Impaired Andrew Foo Thai Hin, Elmy Johana Mohamad 69/7 July 2006 606-614 34 Down arrow


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