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H2S Analyser for High and Low Concentrations of Hydrogen Sulfide



The H2S-220 is a diode array UV fiber optics process spectrometer. It is designed to address on-line applications that require reliable, accurate, rugged and maintenance free monitoring of H2S concentration. Either a fiber optics insitu probe or flow cell can be used.


A bifurcated fiber optics cable is used to conduct light to and from the probe or flow cell. The insitu probe is inserted into a sintered metal filter to protect it.


The flow cell path length depends on the H2S concentration range and range from 2 mm to 1 meter.


While a variety of flow cells optical paths and materials of construction are offered two basic standard sampling system designs are offered; An extractive aspirated system with a  manual or automatic zero for gases and liquids, and a closed coupled extractive stack sampler with flow indication and automatic zero capability.


An industrial PC is used for data processing and user interface. The H2S-220ís user-friendly interface allows for modification of operational parameters including sampling systemís relays (no need for a PLC) , all the parameters can be modified through a touch screen interface.






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H2S-220 analyzer





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