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Concentration Monitoring by an IR Detector Array



The infrared spectral region is ideal for concentration monitoring of various chemicals such as low water, CO and CO2. Ruggedness is of outmost importance in process applications. Most IR analyzer have a filter wheel to move from one wavelength to another or just scan, while the ChromaSpec IR from Applied Analytics, Inc. is based on an IR detector array with a linear variable filter (LVF) and has no moving parts. The ChromaSpec IR provides a cost effective maintenance free solution to the monitoring of gasses or liquids that absorb in the infrared spectral region.


IR light is absorbed by the sample the absotbance signals are then correlated to concentration. The detector is very compact , the LVF functions as the dispersive optical component and is glued directly onto the metal cap above the detector. The LVF array detector is extremely easy to operate, it has no adjustable parts, requires no cooling, is insensitive to vibrations or shocks and delivers one complete spectrum per second. The light source is collimated and optimized for maximum intensity. The resolution for most LVFs is 1.5 % of the Entire wavelength range. The wavelengths covered by the LVF detector depends on applications and range from (for example) 1.4-2.4 m, 2.6-2.8m, 2.94.4 m, 2.9-4.8 m, 3.24.8 m, and 5.5-11 m.





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