Bullet Sensors & Transducers e-Digest, Vol. 54, Issue 4, April 2005: Product News

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Laser Level and Positioning Transmitter, Measures Dry Bulk Solids Over Extended Distances



Houston, TX - ASI Instruments, announced the LaserTrak 80 laser transmitter for non-contact level measurement and positioning. Designed for a variety of bulk solids applications, the LaserTrak 80 measures position over very long ranges, at distances up to 500 feet (150 meters). The device also accurately measures level at distances up to 100 feet (30 meters). Whether handling plastics, grain, or aggregates, the LaserTrak 80 can measure any surface at any angle. The small wavelength of the laser means a narrower beam with virtually no beam divergence and, therefore, no false echoes. This provides high accuracy readings even when dealing with the most challenging circumstances, such as measuring into silo cones, inside silo chutes, and through narrow openings in protective grids.


The LaserTrak 80 features an all-digital design that provides speed and accuracy in a compact unit. An advanced timing system and self-correcting signal processing functions allow the device to accurately and reliably make measurements in the harshest conditions. The system can select the true signal even in the presence of dust, as is commonly found in silos of coal, plastics, or grain, as well as in underground mines or quarries.


The advanced signal processing software in the LaserTrak 80 automatically compensates for color differences in the materials being measured. The device is able to easily distinguish between dark color surfaces such as coal, and light color surfaces such as plastic pellets and grains. The unit can also measure the position of moving targets over long distances, such as overhead cranes and tripper cars. Thus, one unit can handle both long distance positioning and level measurement applications at one-third the price of competitive models.





Shari Worthington,

ASI Instruments,

PR Counsel,

Tel.: +1 508.755.5242

E-mail: sharilee@telesian.com

Laser Level and Positioning Transmitter





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