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Surface Mount MEMS Pressure Sensor


All Sensors Corporation of Morgan Hill, California has announced the introduction of a Surface Mount Basic Pressure Sensor. This announcement comes as industry demand for surface mounted pressure sensors is increasing. In addition to standard pressure ranges, an unprecedented 10-INCH H2O pressure range is also available with virtually zero position sensitivity. The Surface Mount Basic Pressure Sensor is RoHS compliant.



Package Features


The Surface Mount Basic Pressure Sensor is available as a gage or absolute pressure sensor. Packages can be configured with a ported lid or a non-ported lid. The footprint of the device measures 0.3 x 0.3. The Surface Mount Basic Pressure Sensor is packaged as an 8-pad leadless chip carrier.



Electrical Features


The Surface Mount Basic Pressure Sensor is available as a gage device with pressure ranges of 10 INCH H2O, 5 PSI, 15 PSI, 30 PSI, and 100 PSI, as well as an absolute pressure device with a range of 15 PSI. The output is ratiometric to the supply voltage and proportional to the applied pressure.





Dan DeFalco

All Sensors Corporation

16035 Vineyard Blvd. Morgan Hill,

CA 95037, USA

Tel.: 408 225 4314, fax: 408 225 2079

E-mail: ddefalco@allsensors.com

SMT Pressure Sensor




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