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Low Cost Universal Triaxial Capacitive Accelerometer



August 6, 2010, Issaquah, Washington, USA – Silicon Designs, Inc.has announced the global market launch of the SDI 2460 series, a new family of easy-to-use universal triaxial capacitive accelerometer modules. Available in eight different g-ranges, these lower-cost sensors are designed to provide high-precision shock, vibration and acceleration measurement in three orthogonal directions across a broad range of automotive, aerospace, industrial, power generation, and test and measurement applications.


The SDI 2460 series combines three orthogonally mounted accelerometers in an epoxy sealed anodized aluminum case and is the triaxial version of the 2260, the company’s best-selling single axis model. SDI’s 100 % in-house manufacturing and intense testing processes, along with the incorporation of additive micro machining and integrated circuit technology, produce a highly reliable and rugged capacitive sensor tailored for zero-to-medium frequency instrumentation applications.


Carefully regulated manufacturing processes ensure that each sensor is consistently made to be virtually identical, allowing users to swap out modules with little or no testing modifications, saving both time and resources. This also allows test engineers to provide a quick plug-and-play solution for most any application with total trust in the accuracy of SDI sensors when used within published specifications.










Kati Cole

Director of Sales & Marketing

Silicon Designs, Inc.

Tel.: +1 425 391 8329


SDI 2460 series accelerometer



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