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Inductive Rotary Sensor for Angles up to 160°



The P500 RIPS® (Rotary Inductive Position Sensor) is a durable, affordable, high accuracy rotary sensor designed for industrial and scientifi c feedback applications. The P500 is supplied with the output calibrated to the angle required by the customer, between 20 and 160 degrees. The sensor provides a linear output proportional with angle of rotation, with a non-linearity at 100° better than 0.25°. There is a machined registration mark to identify the calibrated mid point.


The standard version is powered with 5 V, giving an output signal of 0.5…4.5 V. Optionally, there are several output stages available for signals 0.5…9.5 V, ±5 V, ±10 V or 4...20 mA (2- or 3-wires), which are powered by ±15 VDC or 24 VDC typically. The temperature range is -40/+125 °C for the standard version (5 V, unbuffered) and -20°/+85 °C for the buffered versions.


The P500 has a rugged stainless steel body and shaft for long service life and environmental resistance. The sensor is easy to install with fl ange or servo mounting option in anodized aluminium (or stainless steel for the E500). Sealing is IP 67 (cable version) or IP 65 (connector version), and full EMC protection is built in.


The sensor is also available in intrisincally safe versions, designed to be used with a galvanically isolated 3-port barrier installed in the safe area which supplies the sensor with 5 V at a cable length up to 150 m. There is a choice of 0.5...9.5 V (Model BX002) or 4...20 mA (Model BX003) transmission outputs from the barrier. To ensure an exact calibration, the sensor with the barrier are calibrated directly in the factory.


X500: ATEX approved to EX II 1G for use in potentially explosive gas/vapour atmospheres. E500: IP 67 & ATEX approved to EX II 1GD for use in potentially explosive gas/vapour, dust atmospheres.






Barbara Boss-Kropfli

Marketing Manager


Tel.: +41 (0) 44 877 35 08





P500 RIPS® (Rotary Inductive Position Sensors)



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