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Non-Contact Position/Displacement Sensing System Measures
to Nanometer/Sub-Nanometer Resolution


MIDDLETOWN, CT - Kamanís SMT-9700 system uses proven inductive (eddy current) technology to provide extremely high-resolution, non-contact, position/displacement feedback of virtually any electrically conductive target. It is ideal for applications requiring high-resolution position feedback for control and has been proven in applications including optics positioning in photolithography equipment, XYZ stage positioning in atomic force microscopy, and spindle position in the fluid-drenched environment of bearing race precision grinding equipment.


The performance of the Kaman SMT-9700 is demonstrated in an on-line video at www.youtube.com/watch?v=KyBRUqCOGH8


Performance flexibility makes the SMT-9700 ideal for the OEM. Kaman can vary the frequency response, linearity, or a combination of these to achieve the highest possible performance. When considered early in the design cycle, these trade-offs are easily managed through the proper choice of calibrated range, sensor size, and target material. Kaman's computer modeling capabilities provide expected performance specifications before commitment to hardware.


To completely meet OEM requirements, Kaman offers the RoHS and CE compliant system in 1, 2 and 3-channel configurations with 13 sensor options covering full-scale ranges from as little as 100 microns up to 25 millimeters. In addition, Kaman can customize the sensors themselves to meet the particular physical and environmental constraints of the application, calibrating the sensors to a specific target material, size, and shape to complete the tailored solution.


With all inquiries, Kamanís experienced applications engineers will review the performance requirements ó considering the calibrated range, linearity, thermal sensitivity, resolution, and repeatability required ó and recommend the appropriate system for the application.


Kaman Precision Products | Measuring, an operating unit of Kaman Aerospace, has led the industry for over 40 years in solving difficult industrial sensing applications when the target cannot be touched. For further information regarding Kaman and their sensors, contact Kaman at 800-552-6267 or at www.kamansensors.com






Dan Spohn

Kaman Precision Products | Measuring

Tel.: 719/635-6957

Fax: 719/634-8093

E-mail: Dan.Spohn@kaman.com

Web: http://www.kamansensors.com


Non-Contact Position/Displacement Sensing System SMT-9700




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