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Miniature, High Sensitivity, IEPE Piezoelectric Pressure Sensor Series


Kistler has announced the expanded North American offering of the Type 211B series of general purpose IEPE piezoelectric pressure sensors, to include new model Type 211B6, operating to 50 psi and with a nominal sensitivity of 100 mV/psi.


The Kistler Type 211B series is offered in six individual models with available measurement ranges from 50 to 10,000 psi and with nominal sensitivities from 100 to 0.5 mV/psi. The series incorporates on-board acceleration-compensation, a high natural frequency and the company’s own proprietary, low-impedance integrated Piezotron® circuit electronics.


Contained within the rugged stainless steel housing and located behind the diaphragm is a pair of preloaded quartz assemblies, each comprised of a series of quartz plates interleaved with gold electrodes. The quartz piezoelectric material generates a charge proportional to applied pressure. An internal microelectronic signal conditioning circuit converts the charge into a low-impedance voltage output. The integral acceleration compensation minimizes errors due to vibration. The Kistler Type 211B series is welded and hermetically sealed for high resistance to moisture, corrosion and other environmental contaminants. As the 211B is an Integrated Electronics Piezoelectric Sensor (IEPE), there is no additional requirement for the care and handling of highly insulated low-noise cables, facilitating their ease of use in a variety of dynamic pressure measurement applications.


Kistler Type 211B series pressure sensors is powered with a constant current supply which supplies power using the center conductor of a coaxial cable, such as the Kistler Types 1761B and 1762B. Sensor powering and signal processing can be provided by any Kistler series 5100 couplers or industry standard IEPE power supply/couplers. The rugged design and performance attributes of the Kistler Type 211B series makes it is ideal for supporting fast transient measurements under varied environmental conditions, including line pressure pulsation and surge, cavitations, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, automotive testing, sound pressure, shock tubes, closed bomb and blast field pressure measurements and general in-laboratory testing requirements.


For additional details, drawings and specifications, please contact Kistler North America toll-free (in the US & Canada) at 1-888-KISTLER, via email at sales.us@kistler.com or visit www.kistler.com



About Kistler North America

Kistler North America (www.kistler.com), a Kistler group company, is a supplier of precision sensors, systems and instrumentation for the dynamic measurement of pressure, force, torque and acceleration, as well as related electronics and software serving the automotive, aerospace, industrial, metal processing, plastic injection molding, R&D and testing & evaluation communities. Kistler products, ISO certified since 1994, are well recognized for performance, quality and reliability. With global headquarters in Winterthur, Switzerland and established North American operations since 1955, Kistler's expansive global sales presence is supported by the activities of 25 group companies and 30 distributors ensuring customer proximity, individualized application support and short product lead times. K-Beam®, Piezotron®, PiezoStar® and PiezoBeam® are registered trademarks of Kistler. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.





Bill Zwolinski
Test & Measurement Business Unit Manager
Kistler North America
Tel.: +716.812.9933
E-mail: bill.zwolinski@kistler.com




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