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New 788A Low Cost Accelerometer


Gaithersburg, MD –– Wilcoxon Research, has added another low-cost sensor to its family of general purpose accelerometers, the new 788A, with a sensitivity of 100 mV/g and a tight +10% tolerance.


“Price-sensitive customers require an accelerometer with an excellent sensitivity tolerance to monitor critical assets,” said Tom Smith, Director of Sales and Marketing. “The 788A meets their specifications at an economical price, and exemplifies Wilcoxon’s commitment to TLC – Total Lower Cost of Ownership.” 


The 788A is a single axis sensor with an acceleration range of +50 g (at full scale). High frequency response measurements up to 10 kHz identify faults and improper machine operation, ensuring that maintenance professionals are aware of these potentially damaging conditions. Typical noise is 4 micro g at 100 Hz. The 788A operates normally at temperatures between -50° and 120° C. Additional features include exceptional shielding, ground isolation, and hermetic sealing against environmental contamination.


Wilcoxon's 788A is priced at only $95 and is ideal for Condition Based Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance programs. This general purpose accelerometer is suited to vibration monitoring of fans, motors, pumps, blowers, compressors, chillers, gearboxes, and mixers, as well as many other industrial applications, to significantly reduce failure rates in the field.


The 788A joins Wilcoxon’s family of 100 mV/g general purpose accelerometers. The 786A, Wilcoxon’s most popular sensor, boasts an even lower sensitivity tolerance of 5%. Price-conscious customers have historically found incomparable performance in the economy 784A accelerometer with a slightly higher sensitivity tolerance. All sensors are of outstanding quality, designed to meet the needs of Wilcoxon’s wide customer base.


788A Accelerometer



Courtney Schlapo,

Marketing Communications,

Wilcoxon Research,

Tel: 301 216 3039

E-mail: cschlapo@wilcoxon.com





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