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Fire/Gas System and IR Detectors to Protect French Chemical Plant



A Det-Tronics Eagle Quantum Premier combined fire/gas detection and extinguishing agent release system with 41 multi-frequency X3301 infrared flame detectors has been selected by COGNIS France to protect production and storage facilities at its plant producing chemical products 50 km east of Paris.


The choice of Detector Electronics for the contract followed lengthy evaluation testing started in 1999, with all competitive systems eliminated before this year’s final decision. This was reportedly due largely to the superior performance and reliability of the Det-Tronics products and the supportiveness and system solution ideas of the local DEC team.


Flame detectors are being installed throughout the plant with the EQP system cited beside the main controlroom’s distributed control system. The equipment has ATEX and CE certifications as required in France.


The Eagle Quantum Premier system integrates its multiple functions in one complete package offering particular benefits in hazardous area protection, with complete system integration on a fault tolerant digital communications network. Other advantages of the system included configuration versatility, use of third-party equipment and simplified safety audits.


The X3301 IR optical flame detector was developed with new features adding optimum optical integrity and new outputs to its high detection sensitivity and reliability with virtual immunity to traditional false alarm sources. An extended cone of vision and enhanced zoning capability also means that fewer detectors are needed.

Fire/gas system




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