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Microprocessor Based Smart Position Sensor

with Programming Facility


Microsense Technologies Pvt Ltd has developed a microprocessor based smart Label Sensor with TEACH button programming facility. The sensor is specially designed to sense position of label (sticker) on paper which has very minute difference in transparency. The microprocessor uses a 10-bit ADC to convert transparency level into 256 different values. TEACH button provides easy setting when the label-type changes from batch to batch


The sensor has two LEDs (red & Green) for ‘output ON’ & ‘output OFF’ indication. If you hold label portion below the sensing area & press TEACH button, the corresponding value gets stored in memory & ON LED will flash. Then hold the back paper (where there is no label) below the sensing area & press the TEACH button. The corresponding value will get stored in memory & OFF LED will flash. The values get stored in non-volatile memory to give same results after power interruptions. If we hold non-label part first & then the label part, we can get NC output. In this case the output will be ON when there is no label. Such way we can have NO or NC operation selectable.


The sensor is suitable for all automatic machines where the label is peeled-off from the tape & is stick on a plastic/glass/metallic container or enclosure or product.


The sensor operates on 10 to 30 VDC power supply & gives out NPN or PNP transistor output. The supply line is protected for reverse polarity. Output (NPN or PNP) driving capacity is 700mA & is protected for short-circuit, over-load & inductive load.


The main advantage of the sensor is, as it processes the data, it also takes care of 20-30% variation in the transparency level which may occur because of slight change colour shade change or scratches. It is ensured that the sensor works reliably in similar adverse conditions.

Besides all these features the sensor price is very less than the optical fiber sensors which are usually being used for this purpose.

Label sensor



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