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Series MLY Miniature Torque Transducers is Enabled by the Use of Magnetoelastic Sensing Technology


Series MLY torque transducers fulfill the need for small size, low inertia, robust, and economical instruments for measuring torques in milliNewton-meter (mNm) ranges. (1 mNm = 0.1416 oz.in.). This unusual combination of desirable features is enabled by the use of polarized band magnetoelastic torque sensing technology*. MLY transducers offer those involved in the world of small machinery a size compatible means to monitor and control the torques involved in the operation of their motors and mechanisms.


Non contact torque sensing is intrinsic in MLY transducers; nothing except its 4 bearings is attached to the rotating shaft. In operation, a central active portion of the shaft, sized for the user specified measurement range, generates a magnetic field proportional to the transmitted torque. This is converted into an electrical signal by a pair of diametrically opposed Hall effect field sensors. Connections to external power source and signal conditioning, display, or data acquisition circuits, are made through user selected pigtail leads, attached cable or bulkhead connector. All internal electrical/electronic parts are encapsulated.


MLY transducers having 3.17 mm (0.125 in.) diameter shafts are available in full scale torque ranges from 10 to 250 mNm. Units in the same case size with 4.75 mm (0.187 in.) shafts can handle torque ranges to 400 mNm. Units in a somewhat larger case with 6.35 mm (0.250 in.) shafts have up to 1000 mNm torque ranges.


Dimensions and specifications are provided in Technical Bulletins available from the company or at: http://www.magnova.com/torque Custom, user specified, mechanical details and accessories are available. Signal conditioning electronics, both internal and external, are also available.


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Ivan Garshelis,

Magnova, Inc.

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