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PDA-based Vibration Spectrum Analyzer Uses Standard ICP-type Piezoelectric Accelerometers


CAMPBELL, CA - Datastick Systems, Inc., introduced the VSA-1212 Vibration Spectrum Analyzer, the first PDA-based vibration analyzer to use standard, off-the-shelf ICP®-type piezoelectric accelerometers for machine condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, and routine troubleshooting, it was announced by Michael Scandling, Vice President of Marketing, at the International Maintenance Show (IMC) in Tampa, Florida.


The system includes the new Datastick® VSA-1212 Vibration Spectrum Analyzer module that attaches securely to select PDAs running Palm OS; new Datastick Spectrum handheld software that collects vibration measurements and displays them in time waveforms and FFT spectra complete with alarm levels; and Datastick Reporting System(TM) (DRS) software that receives the data from the handheld into a special VSA Microsoft® Excel® workbook on the PC with two mouse-clicks.


Measurement data is collected, viewed, analyzed, and stored on the PDA and then exported to the desktop PC for viewing, further analysis, trending, reporting, storage, and publishing to the enterprise and the web. When combined with an off-the-shelf ICP-type accelerometer, a Palm Powered® PDA and Microsoft Excel software, the VSA-1212 is a complete hardware and software system for vibration analysis for predictive maintenance.


"The VSA-1212 has been designed from the ground up to accomplish 80 percent of the tasks of vibration measurement collection and analysis that most users perform on a routine basis - at an attractive total cost of ownership, especially since they can leverage their existing investment in ICP-type sensors." said Scandling. "It's entirely practical - you don't need a Ferrari to go the grocery store." 


The Spectrum main display provides all the important information needed in one comprehensive view so the user doesn't have to hunt through a maze of windows. Cursor-position readouts show specific values when the user touches a point with the handheld computer's stylus. Setup and execution of inspection routes is easy; reloadable configurations allow changing input and display parameters instantly and permit every inspection point to be named as an individual configuration. The handheld data exports easily to Datastick Reporting System PC software, which sorts by configuration to allow machine histories to be built for trending.


"With the VSA-1212, users can enjoy the exceptional portability and versatility of a PDA-based system while using their standard, off-the-shelf ICP-type sensors," said Steve Sabram, Datastick Chief Technology Officer and President. "Our product capitalizes on the versatility and broad functionality of the PDA in its design. For example, with the exclusive Take Notes feature, the user can add his own on-site observations to the recorded data."


Up to 22 MB of recorded waveform and spectrum data can be stored in the recommended Garmin® iQue® 3200 or 3600 handheld computer, enough to store data from more than 1,000 inspection checkpoints. There are 6 selectable windowing options and 12 selectable frequency bandwidth options. The user can use the alarms levels from ISO standards, or set his own. Industry-standard BNC connectors connect with industrial-grade accelerometers, and a ruggedized case is available for the system.


"A wealth of PDA software includes spreadsheets and word processing programs, and if the user selects a Garmin handheld, he can track GPS locations in a separate program," said Scandling. "For added functionality, a user can detach the VSA module from the PDA, attach a Datastick module for data acquisition, attach sensors for temperature, pressure, humidity, and other factors, and have an entirely new instrument."


The VSA-1212 supports these handhelds: Palm® Tungsten(TM) T, T2, T3, C, Palm m-500 series, Garmin iQue 3200, and Garmin iQue 3600.

Vibration Spectrum Analyzer




Michael Scandling,

V.P. Marketing

Datastick Systems, Inc.

Tel: (408) 871-3300, fax: (408) 871-3313

Email: mike@datastick.com





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