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World’s First Single-cell Battery 2.4 GHz Radio Transceiver


MARIN, Switzerland – EM Microelectronic, the semiconductor company of the Swatch Group and leading supplier of analog and mixed-signal semiconductors for Ultra Low Power applications, has announced the world’s first single-cell battery 2.4 GHz standalone radio compatible with Bluetooth low energy wireless technology. This new device is optimized for low voltage and low energy applications such as wireless sensors and wireless monitoring.


The EM9201 is an ISM radio frequency (RF) 2.4 GHz transceiver; with its integrated DC/DC converter, it is capable of operating the RF transceiver while delivering up to 100 mA to an external device, thus ensuring the lowest power supply and power consumption on the market. Such a result can be achieved using a single-cell battery; furthermore, with operation voltage as low as 0.85 V, it enables applications to take advantage of the wide choice of low cost batteries available. To optimize the systems power budget, a proprietary concept can be used to place the radio in the “Xtreme” low power idle mode in which the circuit itself consumes less than 3 µA, while still supplying up to more than 2 V/500 µA to an external device


With an Ultra Low Power receiver (RX) and transmitter (TX), the EM9201 is significantly increasing battery life in portable wireless applications. The design of the EM9201 was driven by the objective to provide a standalone RF 2.4 GHz transceiver IC running on a single standard battery and optimized for low energy applications. These features make the EM9201 an attractive choice for a broad range of wireless applications, where power-efficient single battery operation is needed. With a low bill-of-material (BOM) thanks to only 6 basic external passive components count, this device will also reduce the final system cost.


The PHY layer of the EM9201 is compliant with the new interoperable Bluetooth low energy wireless technology which is tailored for small devices and it can be built into products such as watches, wireless keyboards and mice, gaming and sensors, which can then connect to host devices (e.g. mobile phones, other portable applications). Those features are expected to be in devices within the next few months.


By combining the EM9201 with the EM6819Fx microcontroller family, a Flash-based wireless application can be built at low cost in volume”, says Marc Degrauwe, CEO of EM Microelectronic, “the true low voltage design in combination with ultra low current consumption guarantees EM Microelectronic's leadership in providing the lowest power solutions on the market”.


During Electronica Trade Fair in Munich at EM Microelectronic’s exhibition booth, it has been demonstrated that with an energy harvester, the EM9201 used with the EM6819 allows a 2.4 GHz communication without the need of a battery.

EM9201radio frequency (RF) 2.4GHz transceiver

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