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New Low-cost, General-purpose Magnetic Field Sensor



Designed and manufactured in the UK by Bartington Instruments, the new single-axis Mag670 magnetic field sensor is suitable for a wide range of applications, including detection of magnetic materials, surveillance, navigation, and traffic detection. As well as its low cost, the sensor’s benefits include small size, a good noise performance and a wide bandwidth.



Key features:

  • Noise performance <20pTrms/Hz @ 1Hz

  • Three measuring ranges: ±100 μT, 500 μT and 1000 μT

  • Three fluxgate element orientation options

  • Bandwidth from DC to >1 kHz

  • ±11 V to ±17 V supply

Bartington Instruments designs and manufactures a wide range of magnetic measuring instruments. These are used globally in the defence, aerospace, geophysics and physics sectors. The products include single- and three-axis magnetic field sensors, fluxgate gradiometers and magnetic susceptibility measuring equipment. Custom magnetometer design and manufacture is also available.







Ludovic Letourneur

Technical Sales Executive

Units 5,10&11 Thorney Leys Business Park
Witney, OXON, OX28 4GE
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 1993 706565
Fax: +44 1993 774813

E-mail: ludovic.letourneur@bartington.com

Mag670 magnetic field sensor




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