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Humidity/Temperature Transmitter

with Interchangeable Probes




E+E Elektronik has designed the humidity / temperature transmitter EE22 with interchangeable probes. The calibration data is stored in the probes, and the most significant feature of the EE22 Series is the interchangeable sensing probes with connector, which allows the performance of the EE22 to not be affected.


The accuracy over the entire temperature range is based on precise calibration methods. Well-proven E+E humidity sensor elements ensure excellent long-term stability. For cases where there are extreme temperature applications from 40C up to +80C (-40F+176F) or limited space availability, the sensing probes can be connected to EE22 housing with cables (2, 5 or 10m / 6.6, 16.4 or 32.8ft) without any repercussions for the overall accuracy of the instrument. The temperature output can be scaled according to the application, for example 0 to 1 / 5 / 10 voltage or current 4 to 20 mA (2 wire) outputs.


The EE22 is suitable for direct wall mounting and for installation on rails according to DIN EN 50022 - the optional display indicates the actual RH and T.


In the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, a loop-calibration of the RH and T outputs, recommended by the Food and Drug Administration, can easily perform, using separate RH and T probes. The RH and T outputs can be adjust with push buttons on the printed circuit board.


Typical applications for these transmitters are the pharmaceutical industries, clean rooms, storage rooms, green houses and cooling chambers.

Humidity / temperature transmitter EE22

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