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World’s Smallest, Multi-axis Gravity Sensors



Plano, TX and Rio Rancho, NM, February 7, 2012 - Symphony Sensors, Inc., formerly operating as Symphony Acoustics, has announced the development of the world’s smallest, multi-axis gravity sensors. With a resolution of a few microGal (1 microGal equals 1 billionth of the force of gravity at the Earth’s surface), a wide dynamic range and ability to operate at any orientation, these devices are suitable for myriad applications within geophysical instrumentation and exploration, oilfield services, homeland security, civil infrastructure monitoring and other markets.


Tests were conducted at a Baker Hughes (NYSE: BHI) facility, in Houston, Texas.


"To our knowledge, no one has previously produced a multi-axis gravity sensor able to achieve this performance”, said Dr. Dan Georgi, Baker Hughes Fellow and Vice-president, Regional Technology Centers.


Gary Cresswell, Baker Hughes Vice-president, Wireline Services, added, “Based upon their performance in the lab, we are very optimistic and look forward to further packaging refinement by Symphony toward commercialization for oilfield services.”


Dr. Dustin W. Carr, VP and CTO for Symphony Sensors, stated, “The performance of these sensors demonstrates the efficacy of our LumenSeisTM sensing technology toward achieving an entirely new class of physical sensor. The features of these devices cannot be found in any sensor ever made, by anyone, anywhere.”


Symphony Sensors is a developmental Company focused on commercialization of optoelectronics-based physical sensors for use in applications requiring high performance in unprecedentedly small packaging.



Contact :


Michael Camp

Symphony Sensors,Inc.

Tel.: +1.469.877.6791

E-mail: mcamp@symphonysensors.com





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