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Programmable Bargraphs Provides Versatility

in Most Applications



The BG101P and BG202P Pro Series Programmable Bargraphs manufactured by Ametek/Dixson are now available from Vydas International Marketing complementing an extensive range of bargraph instrumentation.


The "PRO" (PROgrammable) Series bargraphs are the ideal choice for new applications, or for the replacement of switchboard meters, obsolete indicators, and set point controllers. 


Ametek/Dixson bargraphs are appropriate in any application where moving pointer meters have been used in the past, and in applications where greater accuracy, readability, and reliability are desirable.


The microprocessor-based instruments are feature-enhanced with brilliant red LED displays (optional green or amber) for excellent visibility, input signal ranges are switch-selectable and options are available to solve most common application problems. 


PRO Series bargraphs are rugged, reliable with high resistance to vibration and shock and a minimum of 88,000 hour MTBF.


User-programmability provides versatility and minimizes the need for spares. A solid-state design with no moving parts yields a highly reliable product, especially under conditions of shock, vibration, dust and moisture. Features such as linearization and min/max readings make the "PRO" Series the ideal choice for most applications.


Signal sensitivities span ANSI C39.1 ranges, all conventional current loops and voltage control signals. Configuration programming is accomplished using a PC serial link allowing these models maximum flexibility but can be purchased set up and with appropriate scaleplate ready for the customers application. The instruments are suitable for local or remote, primary or redundant system indication.

Programmable Bargraphs BG PRO series


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