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Zin Technologies and FLX Micro Join Forces to Develop Sensors for HARSH Environments


January 9, CLEVELAND, Ohio – Two local high technology firms, ZIN Technologies, Inc. and FLX Micro, Inc., have announced an agreement to develop pressure sensor products capable of operating in harsh environments.  Target applications include monitoring engine combustion to enable control systems that result in lower emissions and better fuel economy.  The products will be based on proprietary technologies that are well-suited to low-cost, high-volume manufacturing and excellent performance at temperatures as high as 1000°F.  FLX Micro’s microfabricated silicon carbide sensor elements will be combined with ZIN’s advanced packaging and signal conditioning electronics to create sensors of unique performance and value.


“We a re very excited about the partnership with FLX because it will shorten time to market for this breakthrough technology,” said Daryl Laisure, President and CEO of ZIN. “The respective technologies and expertise of the two companies are compatible and this partnership will enable us to provide a complete sensor solution to customers in promising new markets.”


Gary Johnson, President and CEO of FLX Micro, agrees. “The partnership adds significant value to FLX and ZIN.  By bringing our capabilities together for this project we create a whole much greater than the sum of the parts. This project represents an important initiative for the region to supply new high value products to the automotive sector.”


In addition to the partnership announced today, the companies are also collaborating on a 4-year technology development project sponsored by the Department of Commerce to reduce jet engine emissions through improved combustion control.


About ZIN Technologies

ZIN Technologies, Inc., headquartered in Cleveland, OH, provides advanced engineering, prototype development and power conversion products to NASA, Department of Defense and major aerospace companies. ZIN Tech has over 200 engineers, scientists and technicians engaged in the development of specialized data acquisition and control systems, power converters, and electro-mechanical systems for various customer applications. ZIN was recognized in 2003 as Contractor of the Year by NASA and has received numerous quality and performance awards.


About FLX Micro

FLX Micro, Inc. is the leading supplier of advanced microsystem products based on polycrystalline silicon carbide.   The companys expertise in advanced materials and microfabrication techniques enables it to develop cost-effective microsensors with significant performance benefits for harsh environment applications. The companys state-of-the-art products enable its customers to offer sensor-based systems with superior performance at an attractive price point. FLX Micro is a venture-backed company headquartered in Cleveland, OH.




Gary R. Johnson

President & CEO

FLX Micro, Inc.

Tel.:  216.431.3356, fax:  216.432.0104

E-mail: johnson@flxmicro.com


Daryl Z. Laisure

President & CEO

ZIN Technologies, Inc.

Tel.:  216.925.1077, fax:  216.977.1386

E-mail: daryl.laisure@zin-tech.com






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