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JetMix System with Integrated Water-in-Oil Measurement



A Jiskoot JetMix system with integrated water-in-oil measurement was selected to provide representative water content analysis for a major North Sea Floating Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO) vessel.


Chosen because it is the only technically viable solution, the JetMix system provides fully mixed flow to the water-in-oil monitor whilst creating a negligible pressure drop ensuring that gas does not 'flash-off' from the high RVP condensate liquid.


The JetMix guarantees mixing in the 16in line according to the ISO3171 standard required for accurate water measurement. The water-in-oil monitor is mounted as part of the mixed JetMix loop ensuring the measurement is representative of the whole pipeline contents.


The type of power mixer used is designed to maintain the fluids in a liquid state and ensure they are homogeneous for fiscal analysis or sampling. It comprises a 'quill' take-off point, bypass loop, a pump and motor unit to externally provide the mixing energy and a nozzle assembly through which the process fluid is injected back into the pipeline to provide mixing





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