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MEMS Pressure Sensors for Direct Internal Blood Pressure Measurement


Quebec, Canada, January 4 - Opsens' OPP-M is a MEMS-based fiber optic pressure transducer designed for human and animal physiological pressure measurements. This ultra-miniature transducer ranging from 0.200mm - 0.400mm OD is intended for use in small infusion needles and catheters enabling minimally invasive physiology pressure measurement. Its novel design resolves the moisture-induced drifting problem as seen with competitors' products.


Combined with Opsens signal conditioning technology and with the inherent advantages of fiber optic, the OPP-M is able to address the medical industry's requirements for long term accuracy, repeatability, low drift and high fidelity pressure measurements under the presence of harsh MR fields (MRI). This compact and fast response time transducer is customizable according to client specific applications. Well suited for OEMs, the OPP-M is a significant step towards the realization of affordable and high fidelity fiber optic pressure transducer for physiological pressure measurement.



  • No pressure loss, due tubing elasticity effects

  • Better accuracy

  • High speed measurement

  • Sensor OD 200 microns

  • Can be embedded in specialized catheter designs. (presentation available on request)




Pierre-Philippe Frenette,

2014 Jean-Talon Nord, bureu 125

Sainte-Foy (Quebec), Canada G1N 4N6

Tel.: 418.682. 9996, fax: 418.682. 9939

E-mail: pf@opsens.com

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