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Automotive Pedestrian Protection System


Passive safety on the road gains increasingly more relevance with each passing year, as the lives of drivers, passengers, and pedestrians are given top priority. Automotive pedestrian protection systems are currently being introduced in the European Union (EU) with the goal of reducing the number of car accident injuries and fatalities among vulnerable road users, such as pedestrians. It is by a voluntary agreement between the EU and the ACEA, the European Association of Car Manufacturers, that the automotive sector undertakes the task of improving the front end design of their vehicles in order to meet such regulations.


The IEE Protecto® system is able to fulfill these needs by offering high reliability, design flexibility and easy adaptability at an attractive price. Protecto® is a complete pedestrian protection system that enables car manufacturers to meet the new European and Asian regulations by reducing head injuries, in car impacts that involve pedestrians. Protecto® includes a robust sensor unit that is easily integrated into the bumper system and is able to very quickly detect the impact of an object to the bumper area. Also a part of Protecto® is an electronic control unit that includes a proprietary algorithm developed by IEE. This algorithm is able to classify the object on the basis of measured values and take the necessary decision. This algorithm is able to differentiate between the various impacting objects, thereby avoiding incorrect hood activations. The electronic unit can also be integrated into an already existing ECU (for example the airbag control unit). 


In the event of a pedestrian impact, the Protecto® actuators lift the hood (approximately 80mm) to create a safe distance between the pedestrian’s head and the hard points under the hood. This reduces the risk of serious injury with the relatively soft hood absorbing most of the impact energy. These actuators have been developed in collaboration with leading suppliers of such systems. The overall speed of the complete Protecto® system could be as fast as 45ms, depending on the selected actuators and bumper structure.


Automotive Pedestrian Protection System





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