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iT Series Vibration Transmitter with Expanded Options


Wilcoxon Research has expanded its line of 4-20 mA loop powered vibration transmitters. Wilcoxon's Intelligent Transmitter (iT) Series has expanded to allow customers to select from a full line of features at the time of order, including displacement measurements, and true peak and peak-to-peak detection.


Options for the iT Transmitter, signal-conditioning modules that make online vibration monitoring available for less, now include four different outputs of r.m.s., peak, true peak, and true peak-to-peak; measurement of acceleration, velocity or displacement; and a selectable full scale that can be specified in standard or metric units.


The Intelligent Transmitter, a vibration transmitter, converts vibration sensor signals to proportional 4-20 mA output for use in existing PLC/DCS networks, and can operate at much lower or much higher frequencies than typical ISO-standard 4-20 mA sensors


The iT Transmitter now measures displacement, in addition to acceleration and velocity, which have been available since it was released a year ago.  Displacement measurements indicate overall movement.  A displacement transmitter is ideal for applications that measure absolute position, such as shaft movement within a bearing race.  Transmitters that measure velocity are most common for measuring overall machine health, and acceleration measurements are best for high frequency diagnostics.  All three are now available with the iT Series.


Output of 4-20 mA data is offered in terms of r.m.s., peak, and now also in Wilcoxon’s exclusive true peak and true peak-to-peak.  True peak detection is ideal for measuring short duration vibration, when it is most important to capture and hold maximum absolute instantaneous impacts.  True peak-to-peak detection is designed for use with displacement measurements, which captures and holds the maximum total vibration.  Peak and r.m.s. detection are best for general machine health monitoring, when overall vibration is measured.

Customers have always been able to order the iT Transmitter with a full scale to fit their application.  Now it can be ordered with a configuration appropriate for the many customers in the US and internationally that employ metric units.  The iT Transmitter can be configured for full-scale selection in standard or metric units

iT Series Vibration Transmitter





Courtney Schlapo,

Marketing Communications

Wilcoxon Research 

Office: 301 216 3039

E-mail: cschlapo@wilcoxon.com



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