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Ground-Isolated Pressure Sensor



The use of highly-sensitive piezoelectric combustion pressure sensors with built-in ground isolation can largely avoid the effects of electrical interference. The isolation of the sensing element prevents the generation of noise currents and allows interference-free measurements, even if potential differences exist between the engine and the measuring system. The new Kistler Type 6125C is the third generation of a combustion pressure sensor with built-in ground isolation.


The use of a new Kistler PiezoStar crystal has made it possible to increase the sensitivity to 37 pC/bar and the pressure range to 300 bar. This innovative sensor ensures precise and reliable measurement data even under noisy testing conditions.




  • Pressure range up to 300 bar

  • High sensitivity due to new PiezoStar crystal

  • Ground-isolated

  • Low thermal shock error, very low load-change drift

  • PiezoSmart sensor identification

  • Mounting dimensions compatible with predecessor Type 6125B





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Pressure sensors 6125C




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