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Highest-resolution Miniature Digital Pressure Sensor Module with Ultra-low Power Consumption for Long Battery-life



Measurement Specialties, has just released for production, the Model MS5607-B digital pressure sensor featuring 24-bit resolution and the industry’s lowest current consumption. This device also features a fast conversion rate of 0.6 ms at 8-bit resolution to 8.3 ms at 24-bit resolution. Current consumption of 0.9 uA at one conversion per second (8-bit) to 12.5 uA (24-bit) and resolution selection per conversion enables optimum application-specific power–performance trade-offs to be realized.


This device is optimized for ultra-high precision pressure measurements in the 10 to 1300 mbar range allowing development of personal navigation (PND),  personal location devices (PLD), smart-phone inertial-navigation, in-building navigation and social alarm applications down to 5 cm.


“New generations of personal consumer devices require increasingly sophisticated sensor capabilities without compromising on device portability and autonomy” said Robert Whittaker, Business Development and Sales at Measurement Specialties Pressure Products facility in Bevaix, Switzerland. “The MS5607-B incorporates over ten years of experience in the development and manufacture of high-performance MEMS pressure sensor modules and features zero external component count and small footprint (3 x 5 mm) – an ideal choice for new or updated designs.”


The MS5607-B is part of Measurement Specialties complete range of digital pressure modules, which offer industry-leading performance, size and measurement stability. The devices measure 3 x 5 mm and are available in height profiles of 1.8 mm and 1.0 mm. The modules communicate via a four-wire SPI or two-wire I2C interface, and are delivered pre-calibrated in a surface-mount 8-pin RoHS-compliant package.










Robert Whitaker

Measurement Specialties

MEAS Switzerland SA

Ch. Chapons-des-Prés 11

CH-2022 Bevaix

Tel.: +41 32 847 9550

Fax: +41 32 847 9569

E-mail: sales@intersema.ch


Model MS5607-B digital pressure sensor

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