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New Platform of ViscSense® Viscosity Control System


The Norcross ViscSense® System now incorporates the SenGenuity ViSmartTM viscosity sensor. Utilizing Acoustic Wave Technology, the ViSmartTM viscosity sensor is a solid-state, high-reliability, and precision device that provides sensitive, real time, in-line viscosity measurement and temperature monitoring capability. The industrial grade ViSmartTM Viscosity Sensor has a wide operating range that is unaffected by shock, orientation, or flow conditions. Combining SenGenuity’s state-of-art ViSmartTM viscosity sensor with Norcross’s ViscSense® line of Controllers and 60 years of experience in industrial process control presents a very powerful package.


Adding the ViSmartTM viscosity sensor to the Norcross “falling piston” line of viscometers affords potential customers further options to address their viscosity control needs. The ViscSense® viscosity control system, including the ViSmartTM sensor, provides a robust viscosity and temperature sensor and user-friendly Human-Machine Interface which simplifies and improves process control. It is ideally suited for inks, coatings, lubricants and oils and so versatile it can be used in applications ranging from flexographic and gravure printing, to spray coating, to power generation and other viscosity sensitive processes. Coupled with Norcross Corporations ViscSense® intrinsically safe barrier, the ViSmartTM viscosity sensor can operate safely in hazardous, explosive rated environments.


“We are constantly making innovations with our acoustic wave sensor technology for a range of new applications to meet customer demand, and our working relationship with Norcross Corporation will allow us to introduce our ViSmart™ sensor into fields such as the flexographic and rotogravure printing fields,” says Thomas Cunneen, Vice President and General Manager, SenGenuity. “We are extremely excited to introduce this to our extensive customer and expanding OEM base.”


“SenGenuity’s ViSmart™ viscosity sensor has greatly enhanced the overall value proposition of our offering. With SenGenuity’s and Norcross’s powerful business relationship, the Norcross ViscSense® System can find new applications in the coatings and inks arena, a core focus area for Norcross,” says Bob Norcross, president. “We are excited about adopting this new and cutting edge sensor technology and expect it will yield very positive outcomes for our customers and for Norcross.”





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ViscSense® Viscosity Control System

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