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TruTorque™ Torque Screwdrivers


An important development in torque tools has taken place with the launch of an innovative range of Norbar TruTorque™ torque screwdrivers. The selection includes adjustable tools providing exceptional flexibility of use and also fixed torque versions, ‘P’ Types, that have been designed for the production environment and pre-set for specific workplace demands.


These new Norbar products are safe, easy-to-use and extraordinarily accurate, to better than the International Standard. They offer high performance capabilities for dealing with a wide range of precision tasks requiring sensitive and safe screw connection.


These include:

  • Electronic assembly

  • Automotive applications such as assembling crash sensors, inertia reel fixtures, airbags and interior trim

  • Fitting cutting tool inserts

All adjustable tools are supplied with traceable calibration certificates.


Further features and benefits:

  • Easy torque adjustment without need of additional tools

  • All tools feature a lock to prevent the accidental adjustment of the set torque

  • Tools ‘slip action’ occurs when required torque level is reached, avoiding over-tightening

  • All screwdrivers supplied with ¼ inch hexagon bit holder using a 4mm hexagon stem

  • For maximum versatility and particularly for applications with limited access, the bit holder can be removed and replaced with widely available screwdriver blades.

  • Comfortable, durable handle, constructed from a strong base material covered with a soft overlay for comfort and slip resistance

Philip Brodey, Director of Norbar, comments: “The new screwdrivers are an invaluable addition to our TruTorque™ range. Accurate, robust and reliable, they expand the potential of applying torque measurement principles to the most precise and delicate applications.”



Norbar TruCheck™ Screwdriver Testers


Norbar has introduced three new products specifically designed to calibrate torque screwdrivers, applicable to both its own products and those of other manufacturers. Accurate to +/- 1% of reading, Norbar TruCheck™ Screwdriver Testers allow operators to perform quick and simple calibration checks from easy-to-read LED displays without the need to call on third party calibration services, saving both time and expense.



Contact :


Norbar Torque Tools Ltd,

Beaumont Road, Banbury,

Oxfordshire, UK OX16 1XJ

Tel.: +44 (0)1295 270333

E-mail: enquiry@norbar.com

TruTorque™ Torque Screwdrivers


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