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Colour Sensor ICs



MAZeT GmbH launches a new product line of colour sensor ICs. The second generation of JENCOLOUR® sensors provides characteristics that are fully compliant with the tri-stimulus value function under DIN 5033. Of excellent performance features, these True Colour sensors allow colour measurement to be performed with an accuracy that clearly exceeds that of the human eye.


Each colour sensor comes in an advanced LCC8 package and can easily be integrated in any leadless technology process. Micro-structured filter layers have been selected as interference filters. They feature high transmission in the band pass range, resistance to aging and stability against mechanical and thermal impacts, and are manufactured using higher soldering temperatures in a tightly monitored process so a variance in filter performance can be ruled out. The exhibition is going to see another highlight: A high-sensitivity optical fiber receiver product line is available for industrial applications in TO46 design style also in commercial lots. Receiver circuits of this type provide a sensitivity greater than -30 dBm with a transmission band width of 0 to 25 M Baud. They are designed for operation within four optical windows thus fitting any type of standard-available optical fiber cables (POF; HCS). Main applications include industrial field bus systems such as Interbus, Profibus, DeviceNet, etc.





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Colour sensor ICs





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