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CS-series of Integrated Load Sensors based on Innovative Capacitive Sensing Technology


Loadstar Sensors Inc. of Mountain View has launched a new line of products based on its patent protected capacitive sensing technology. The products launched include the CS-Series of integrated load sensors, the DS-2100 four-channel display and LoadVUE software for easy operation on a PC.


These new sensors offer a large 0-5V measurable output without the need for external signal conditioning equipment in a compact, rugged, stainless steel package. Just supply 5V DC power to the sensor and measure the DC output using just a common digital multi-meter (DMM)! The small size and threaded mounting holes provided on the top and bottom of the sensors, makes it possible to mount them conveniently and fit them into tight spaces. In addition, their low power consumption (only 0.01mW) makes them suitable for use with batteries. The CS-Series is currently available in three standard models - the CS-05100 rated for loads up to 50 lbs., the CS-10100 rated for loads up to 100 lbs., and the CS-25100 which is rated for loads up to 250 lbs. Other load capacities are available for OEM applications upon request.


Loadstar's patented capacitive load sensing technology provides several benefits over conventional resistive load cell technology. Load cells - typically based on resistive strain-gauge technology tend to be larger in size, provide only milli volt outputs, and require specialized signal conditioning equipment to provide signals measurable using common DMMs and data acquisition systems (DAQs). Not only does this make measurement awkward as it requires a separate external item, it also increases the cost associated with using a load cell. The cost, the size and the complexity of conventional strain based resistive load cell solutions made it difficult if not impossible to incorporate load measurement functionality into various industrial and consumer products. 


"Our products, in contrast, can be used even with a 9V battery and DMM and our 0-5V DC signal can be plugged directly into most common data acquisition and control systems, bringing the total cost down to about a third of what you would expect with conventional load cells. We can also make really thin but rugged load sensors in any shape, making it possible to incorporate our sensors easily into end products." says Div Harish, Co-founder & CEO of Loadstar Sensors Inc.


Other related products launched include the DS-2100 display and the LoadVUE PC application. The DS-2100 four-channel LED display can be used with up to four CS-Series sensors simultaneously. The display acts as a summing device and can display individual loads or the sum of the loads on the connected sensors. It can also transmit load data to a PC via a RS-232 serial port.


The LoadVUE software application is a Microsoft Windows XP based application that connects with the DS-2100 display and enables a user to perform a nine point calibration on up to four attached sensors simultaneously and measure and log loads on screen and to a file.


"Loadstar's capacitive load sensors open up a range of applications that were not feasible to date because of complexity and cost issues. These devices are easy to mount, low in power consumption and a breeze to connect to a PC!" says Jim Rees, CEO of Inter Swiss Ltd.

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Div Harish

Loadstar Sensors, Inc.

453 Ravendale Drive, Suite F

Mountain View, CA 94043

Tel.: 1-650-938-4282, fax: 1-650-938-4285

E-mail: div@loadstarsensors.com



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