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Advanced Ultra-Flat Position Sensor for Use in Space


The high-tech components that allow satellites to circle the Earth several hundred miles above us undoubtedly contain some of today’s most current technologies. For decades, many prestigious innovations have been assets to space programs—only components of the highest quality, characterized by exceptional engineering, have been consistently used in satellites, rockets, the space shuttle and the international space station.


A new contribution to the group of sensors with satellite applications will come from Hoffmann + Krippner, Inc.; the company was recently selected by MOOG Inc., a worldwide designer, manufacturer, and integrator of precision motion control products and systems, to develop and produce a line of innovative position sensors for space-flight applications. Once qualified, these ultra-flat membrane potentiometers will feature noiseless operation and technical capabilities that were previously unknown. These two companies have recently signed an exclusive multi-year agreement that enables MOOG to use these sensors not only in their own products but also for other space applications.


Hoffmann + Krippner, a medium-sized German company with operations in the U.S. just outside of Atlanta in Peachtree City, GA, has been active in the field of ultra-flat membrane potentiometers for almost 20 years; its first patent for its SENSOFOIL® product brand was issued in 1993. Membrane potentiometers are extremely flat position sensors that are comprised of a flexible film material and replace conventional mechanical potentiometers. One of the many advantages of this product is its dimensions; it is small in size and is of minimal weight.


While Hoffmann + Krippner has only been active in the US market for two years, it already supplies its SENSOFOIL® sensors to many leading American companies. Hoffmann + Krippner’s clients range from manufacturers of aviation and military devices to producers of consumer electronics and companies involved in robotics. Hoffmann + Krippner has been recognized as a leader in innovation and technology in the diverse market of ultra-flat position sensors.





Catherine Tuten

Media & PR Coordinator

Hoffmann + Krippner , Inc.

Tel.: +1 (404) 586-6817

E-mail: media@hoffmann-krippner.com

Ultra-Flat Position Sensor



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