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Digital Thermometers for iPads



Aginova Inc., a sensor technology company, announced today it is launching iCelsius Pro, a product that extends your iPad by using a temperature probe that turns iPhone, iPad or iPod touch into a digital thermometer. The app downloaded from the App store will read the temperature, create graphs, set up alerts, store data and email graphs.


Temperature is typically measured using some type of thermometer, usually one containing a liquid like mercury or alcohol and in thermal contact with substance being measured and measured in Fahrenheit or Celsius. As compared to these thermometers iCelsius Pro reacts quickly to changes, thereby measuring temperature changes rapidly.


The iCelsius Pro measures temperatures between -22 F to 302 F (-30 C to 150 C) with an accuracy of +/-1C and is suited for many applications. A 4" stainless steel tip makes it possible to measure liquid temperatures. iCelsius Pro reports the temperature via the iPad when the stainless steel probe is in thermal contact with matter.


Schools all over are buying iPads and iPod touch. For K-12 education, especially for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) fields, the iCelsius Pro helps educators use their iPads and iPod touch for demonstrating lessons and conducting experiments. With the low cost of iCelsius, educators can provide a sensor to every student in the class so they have a much better learning experience. For example, elementary schools can use the iCelsius to understand the concept of temperature while high school students can use the iCelsius Pro for sophisticated experiments in Chemistry and Biology.


iCelsius also has many home uses such as measuring the temperature of baby formula, cooking ingredients, wine, tea, household appliances and hundreds of other applications. In addition to helping maintain the ideal conditions for many household situations; iCelsius will take the simple temperature data and provide a wealth of information about how to use the temperature data.


iCelsius is simple to use- just plug the cable into the device, download the free application from the App Store, and get to work !


Over the coming months, Aginova plans to release additional sensors to become the leading provider of sensing technology for apple devices. Soon-to-be-released sensors include more flexible probes that can be used for cooking, baking, grilling, measuring meat or fry oil temperature with higher temperature thresholds, to be followed by sensors for humidity for measuring comfort level and others.



Pricing & Availability


iCelsius Pro is available at a price of $37.99 from the www.icelsius.com online store. The iCelsius released in April is now available at a price of $32.99.



About Aginova


Aginova Inc. provides affordable, low power sensor solutions that make the world come alive by providing customers actionable feedback from their environment. Aginova's products bring the sensor world to the internet using web services and are used in commercial environmental monitoring applications as well as condition based maintenance applications. For more information, visit www.aginova.com






Reshad Moussa,

Aginova PSE-D,

EPFL CH-1015

Lausanne Switzerland

E-mail: pr@aginova.com


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