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Lowest-Noise Compact Seismic Accelerometer



Endevco Corporation, the leader in sensing solutions for demanding vibration, shock and pressure applications, has announced the introduction of its new model 87, the lowest-noise compact seismic accelerometer available. It is designed specifically for measuring ultra-low-level seismic events and low-frequency vibration on structures and objects.


The new Endevco model 87 delivers the industry’s best signal to noise in a compact seismic accelerometer through state-of-the-art integrated electronics. Plus, at six ounces, the device is 70% lighter than traditional IEPE seismic accelerometers. It is hermetically sealed against environmental contamination, available in 1 V/g or 10 V/g sensitivity, and provides near-dc frequency response flat to 0.05 Hz.

The model 87 incorporates an advanced ultra-low-noise hybrid circuit operating in a constant current mode. A simple two-wire system transmits low-impedance voltage output and required power. Signal ground is electronically isolated from the outer case and mounting surface to prevent ground loops. A specially designed cable assembly is available as an optional accessory.


Additional features include full scale output voltage of 5V, temperature range of -4° F to 212° F, overload protection to 400 g’s, low impedance output at <10 ohms, stainless steel case, and top mounted 2-pin connector. Dimensions are 1.175-inch diameter hexagonal configuration, 1.571-inch height not including connector, and 2.221-inch height including connector.


“The new model 87 delivers an unprecedented combination of low noise and low weight in an advanced accelerometer for critical seismic measurements,” said James Fisher, Endevco director of marketing. “It is another example of Endevo’s commitment to setting industry standards for performance and value for our customers.”





Yeni Hoo

Marketing Communications Supervisor

Endevco Corporation, USA

Tel.: 949.493.8181 x242

E-mail: yeni.hoo@endevco.com

Model 87 Accelerometer






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