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Piezoresistive High-Pressure Sensor



In contrast to many other pressure sensors the sensor from Kistler can measure hot media up to 300 C directly with the RH High-Pressure, High-Temperature Sensor. The unique construction with a special silicon measuring cell does not require any interfering or toxic pressure transmission fluid. An extremely robust sensor diaphragm enables it to be used even under the most difficult conditions in hydraulic and process applications.


The RH-sensors high sensitivity of 100 300 mV with 2 mA supply, its excellent stability, high accuracy and a very high natural frequency provide additional advantages, enabling both static and dynamic pressures to be measured. The sensors are available as absolute pressure types with a Wheatstone bridge output for pressure ranges of between 0 100 to 3 000 bar. The sensor can be supplied for more stringent requirements with a set of coefficients for digital sensor compensation.


When combined with the external amplifier Type 4618A, the sensor output signal is converted to a common industrial signal of 0 10 V or 4 20 mA. The integral calibration function makes it extremely simple to exchange and adjust the sensor as required. Two individually adjustable limits can be selected for additional process monitoring. Additionally, an option is available for measuring the temperature as an output signal of 10 mV/C using the same sensor without an integral thermocouple. Depending on temperature range and cable selected, the sensor and amplifier can be installed over 50 meters from each other.

  • Pressure ranges up to 3 000 bar

  • Temperature ranges during application of up to 300 C (depending on pressure range)

  • Constant current supply 1 4 mA = low energy consumption

  • High-pressure connection thread

  • M16x1,5; 9/16-18 UNF-3A; 1/2-20 UNF-2A

  • Extremely robust diaphragm

  • Shock and vibration resistant

  • Analog compensation with amplifier Type 4618 with 0 10 V or 4 20 mA output

  • Digital sensor compensation to meet the most stringent requirement

  • Temperature ouput as an option using the same sensor

Piezoresistive RH High-Pressure Sensor




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