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Fast 12-bit Encoder-IC for the Digital Motor Control



The iC-MH is a system-on-chip solution for magnetic sensor application with very small space requirements. In combination with a diametric magnetized permanent magnet this represents a robust absolute and incremental encoder. The tiny 5mm x 5mm QFN28 package contains the integrated Hall sensors with signal amplifier and gain control, two A/D converter for incremental (ABZ, 12-bit) and commutation signals (UVW), integrated RS-422 line drivers and the serial BiSS/SSI-interface.


The typical applications of the iC-MH can be found in the industrial and automotive field, such as:

  • Fast motor control

  • Position control/ -sensing

  • Speed control

  • Absolute rotating angle measurement

  • Digital potentiometer

  • Replacement of resolver or optical encoder

The angle resolution is programmable up to 4096 steps per turn. The output edge rate of 8 MHz can support motor speed up to 120.000 RPM. The commutation signals UVW are available to drive motors with two and four poles. The ABZ and UVW outputs are configurable RS-422 line drivers to adapt for different line lengths and transmission speeds.


For data transfer an additional bidirectional, or synchronous serial BiSS/SSI-interface is integrated as well. The programmable configuration, such as resolution, hysteresis, edge distance, zero-position of the ABZ and UVW signals and the rotating direction can be set over the BiSS-interface. The configuration is programmed into the on-chip nonvolatile OTP-ROM.


The automatic gain control compensates variation in the Hall signal strength caused by temperature or magnet distance changes. A magnet field  outside of the specified 20 to 100 kA/m generates an error signal for diagnosis purpose. The iC-MH operates with a +5V (10%) supply voltage in an ambient temperature range of -40 to +125C.





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iC-MH encoder

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