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New +350F Digital True Pressure Series Transducer


EAST WENATCHEE, WA - 02/2010. Paine Electronics highly successful Digital True Pressure Series is now rated to +350F !


Since its release, the Digital True Pressure Series (microprocessor based pressure and temperature transducer) from Paine Electronics has excited designers with its highly accurate "true" digital pressure and temperature, small size and ability to perform in highly corrosive environments. The only thing they wanted more was a higher temperature range so.... we listened! The Digital True Pressure Series is now designed for pressure ranges of 0-5,000 to 0-30,000 PSIA and now temperature measurement from -40F to +350F (-40C to +176C)

  • Digital True Pressure Output: Regardless of temperature

  • Memory Based User Access: (Instantaneous Temperature Values, Manufacturer, Serial Number, Model Number, Full Scale Pressure, Calibrated Units, Original Calibration Date, Last Calibration Date)

  • Programmable Temperature Output: K, F or C

  • Digital Pressure & Temperature Output: With end user requests or programmed timing. RS-232, RS-485, I2C (Inter-IC) or SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface)

  • Request digital formats in TEXT, ASCII or HEX

  • All welded Inconel (tm) Construction.

About Paine Electronics, LLC: Since 1951, Paine Electronics has manufactured highly accurate, state-of-the-art pressure transducers, transmitters and temperature sensors for some of the most vital technologies in the world. Our advanced proprietary sensor technology and manufacturing capabilities has made Paine Electronics' the preferred choice for pressure and temperature measurement toughest applications.






Paine Electronics, LLC
5545 Nelpar Drive,

East Wenatchee WA 98802, USA
Tel.: (509) 881-2100

Fax: (509) 881-2155

E-mail: moreinfo@paineelectronics.com


Digital True Pressure Series Transduce




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