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New Dual Axis Inclinometer Based on MEMS Technology



ASM Sensors Inc. has introduced a new dual axis inclinometer, PTAM5, based on MEMS-technology. This inclinometer is fitted with an extremely robust housing that has been designed for outdoor use in harsh environments. The measurement range for the single axis version is +/- 180° while the dual axis version is capable of ± 60°.


Inclinometers that are used in outdoor applications such off-highway equipment, windmills and off-shore locations must be designed to handle severe weather conditions, temperature fluctuations and tough contamination. The new tilt sensor, PTAM5, comes with a robust stainless steel housing to protect it for these adverse factors. The inclinometer is easily and securely installed with four M8 bolts. The sturdy enclosure for this inclinometer is rated IP67/69K, with an optional IP68 rating.


This inclinometer is the latest addition to the POSITILT® family of tilt sensors and operator with wear-free MEMS technology. For single axis model, the measurement range is ± 180° and ± 60° for the dual axis model. Both models are available for smaller measurement ranges in ± 15° increments. The resolution is 0.05° with a linearity of ± 0.5°. This inclinometer is available with the standard 4-20 mA and 10V analog outputs as well as CANOpen and CAN SAE J1939.


ASM Sensors, Inc. is a leading company in the development, manufacturing and marketing of linear and rotary position sensors as well as tilt sensors for use in industrial and commercial applications. With 30 years of experience in serving all sectors of industry, ASM sensors has set industry standards in position measurement by providing innovative products to help automate processes and to increase safety in the workplace. The product lines are POSICHRON® (magnetostrictive position sensors), POSIMAG® (magnetic scale position sensors), POSIROT® (angular sensors), POSITILT® (inclinometers), POSIWIRE® (cable extension position sensors) and POSITAPE® (tape extension position sensors).


ASM Sensors, Inc. has its global headquarters in Moosinning, Germany near Munich which is ISO 9001:2000 certified and is where both standard products and customized solutions are manufactured. ASM products are sold worldwide through subsidiaries, sales offices and a network of representatives






Nicole Manz
Marketing Manager ASM Sensors, Inc. / ASM GmbH

650W. Grand Ave., Unit 205
Elmhurst, IL 60126, USA
Tel.: 1-(630)-832 3202
Fax: 1-(630)-832 3204

E-mail: info@asmsensors.com

Dual axis inclinometer PTAM5





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