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High Precision/High Torque, Direct-drive Rotary Positioning Stages


Aldermaston - UK, In response to manufacturig industry's demands for cost efficient production systems with increased accuracy, elevated duty cycle and faster throughput, Aerotech have developed a new range competitively priced, precision rotary positioning stages featuring direct drive, high torque, brushless servomotors with a low profile design that out-performs conventional worm/wheel tables and will minimise stack height related errors.


The new ADRS range takes advantage of Aerotech's brushless, direct-drive servo technology and has a slotless stator with no iron laminations; this eliminates torque ripple and allows "cog free" ultra-smooth velocity control comparable to that of a high quality brushed DC motor. The motor is directly coupled to the table top, the preloaded bearing system and the high accuracy rotary encoder ensuring that velocity instability is reduced to a minimum compared to traditional toothed belt and worm driven rotary tables; with the added bonus of higher slewing speeds to help increase production throughput. As well as offering excellent acceleration capability to quickly position the load, the in-position stability and inherent zero backlash of Aerotech's direct-drive technology is perfectly matched to high precision applications. Furthermore, all magnetic fields from the motor are shielded internally, eliminating the need for extra engineering costs when building the stages into electromagnetically sensitive equipment.


Aerotech have designed the ADRS range with a compact and low profile to allow its use in space restricted areas and to minimise compound errors caused by stacking multiple stages. A range of three models are available with nominal widths of 100mm, 150mm and 200mm with table-top diameters of 95mm, 140mm and 190mm respectively. Each has a choice of motor windings for maximum speed or maximum torque performance. Typical maximum speed for the largest stage is 400rpm with up to 7.5Nm continuous torque and support for a 400N axial load. The smaller unit is rated at 1500rpm and 0.4Nm continuous torque and a 70N axial load. Both horizontal and vertical mounting is possible and further configuration options include a choice of 25mm or 1 inch hole mounting patterns. The table-tops have multiple threaded holes for load mounting as well as a clear aperture to allow laser beam delivery, product feed through or even slip ring assemblies. The table-top features Aerotech's own aluminium "hardcoat" surface with a Rockwell 62 hardness for maximum durability and the complete rotary stage has effectively zero maintenance with a unique labyrinth seal to fully protect the bearings, motor and encoder system from contamination. The precision encoder system used on the ADRS range boasts a fundamental positioning resolution of 3600 counts per revolution for the smaller model and 10000 counts per revolution for the largest model. This resolution may be increased using Aerotech's programmable resolution multiplication option which is available in the Automation 3200's NDrive servo amplifier and Npaq drive rack or as a standalone component for use with third party controls.


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Nominal uncalibrated position accuracy is 80 arc seconds with calibrated accuracy of 6 arc seconds for the smaller model and 10 arc seconds for the largest stage. With axial and radial runout errors in the range of 2 to 5 microns, ADRS precision rotary stages will fulfil some of the most demanding applications in the industry including high speed laser processing, precision welding and medical device manufacture.


The ADRS rotary stages are completely self-contained with motor and encoder feedback connectors integral within the housing keeping the overall footprint to a minimum. Typically used with the comprehensive range of Aerotech motion controllers and servo amplifiers, the stages come complete with motor power and encoder cables. Also supplied are all performance and calibration related documents and a CD with complete interconnection drawings to help integrators with their own system documentation. In addition, all motor parameter set-up data for the software configuration file is included; system commissioning is straightforward, requiring little more than connecting cables and applying power before programming application software. These features are built into every Aerotech product ensuring that the true cost of ownership is extremely competitive.



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