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Float Level Switches Feature Lowest Cost and Largest Selection of Float Designs


Prairieville, LA  - K-TEK, a manufacturer of state-of-the-art level instrumentation for liquid and bulk solids detection, today announced the MS50, the latest version of the company's low cost float level switch. Priced up to 25% less than competitive models, the MS50 is designed to reliably handle a wide range of applications, including sump level control, alarms, and shutdowns. Each switch features application-specific float designs that optimize performance and reliability in the fluid being measured, whether butane, propane, oil, acid, water, or interfaces between two fluids. A unique magnetic coupling ensures optimal switch performance throughout the life of the unit. The MS50 can be equipped with up to six SPDT switch points per unit. For maximum up-time, a K-TEK latching switch design allows each point to be adjusted and replaced in the field.


The MS50 is FM Approved and CSA Certified for use in hazardous areas A high temperature option handles process temperatures up to 3000F/1490C. For high vibration/shock applications, such as transportation, a multi-float option uses special non-latching reed switches and stop collars to guarantee reliable switching.


The MS50 works in tanks of nearly any shape, size, or type. Most variables are easily accommodated, including tank depth, type of fluid, and changes in specific gravity. Multiple options handle environments up to 800 psig @ 3000F or 55 bar @ 1490C. Lengths range from 8 inches to 20 feet (0.2 to 6 meters). Retrofitting to an existing vessel is made easy with process connections that can be specified from 3/4" NPT to 4" NPT, and flange sizes from 1" up.


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Float level switch MS50




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