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MEMS Barometric Pressure Sensor


The new BMP085 enters the market as the smallest and most accurate micromechanical (MEMS) pressure sensor with a digital I2C output. Maintaining pin and software compatibility with Bosch Sensortec's 1st generation SMD500, customers can now achieve even greater performance without impacting designs already in production. With a 25 percent package height reduction and a remarkable reduction to a seventh in standby current to 0.1 µ, BMP085 makes way for navigation applications in the mobile space. Both enhancements add to the attractiveness of the device for manufacturers of mobile consumer electronics. But without in any way degrading sensitivity – the 0.03 hectopascal maximum resolution of the BMP085 is an optimum enabling the sensor to respond to differences in altitude of just 25 cm. BMP085 as part of a mobile platform can thus enable new levels of vertical accuracy at a fraction of the overall system cost.

The new barometric pressure sensor perfectly goes with the current trend of integrating navigation functions into mobile phones. Together with an acceleration sensor, the BMP085 with its fine resolution can easily resolve many of conventional short falls of low cost GPS technology now making its way into mobile platforms. For many years, GPS solution providers and consumers have struggled with poor performance in dense urban canyons, tunnels, stacked roadways and on/off ramps where accurate navigation performance is even more critical and essential. The movement of pedestrian navigation indoors and the BMP085's ability to detect floor by floor transitions, make the long time promise of Location Based Services (LBS) in shopping malls and public spaces a near term reality. Other typical applications of BMP085 are miniaturized weather stations, electronic barometers and altimeters.

At 300 through 1 100 hectopascal, the measurement range of the BMP085 is scaled for barometric pressures ranges that planet Earth can present – from the deepest mine to the summit of Everest. Robust enough to survive a 10 000 hectopascal burst, the BMP085 is also highly resistant to humidity with an MSL of 1. Needing no added external circuitry and equipped with an easy to use I2C digital interface, the BMP085 has also slashed the conversion time to acquire a pressure reading over its predecessor by 80 percent to 7.5 Milliseconds. With a minimum voltage down to 1.8 V and an active current at 3 µAmpčre in low power mode, Bosch Sensortec's latest edition is the ideal choice for powering via battery.

RoHS compliant, halogen-free and factory calibrated, the BMP085 is ready for customer designs and immediately available in volume quantities upon this press release.

BMP085 pressure sensor





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