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Surface Mount Humidity Sensors that Operate at a Lower Supply Voltage



MINNEAPOLIS, May 11, 2009 - Honeywell has introduced its HIH-5030/5031 Series humidity sensor that supports demanding system performance requirements, providing enhanced stability, accuracy, and response time over the entire humidity range of 0~100% RH.


The HIH-5030/5031 Series includes a Surface Mount Device (SMD) product on tape and reel that allows for use in automated, high-volume, lower cost pick-and-place manufacturing (1,000 units per reel), reducing lead misalignment to printed circuit board through-holes. Low supply voltage (down to 2.7 vdc) and low current draw often allows for use in low drain, battery operated systems. Additionally, the HIH-5030/5031 Series' accuracy, interchangeability, response time, and stability may contribute to cost savings over the life of the product.


The HIH-5030/3031 Series complements Honeywell's existing HIH-4030/4031 Series of SMD humidity sensors. The Series consists of Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS)-based humidity sensors that use capacitive technology to provide an analog voltage output in a solderable SMD package. The sensing element's multi-layer construction provides enhanced resistance to most application hazards such as condensation, dust, dirt, oils, and common environmental chemicals.


The HIH-5030 is a covered integrated circuit humidity sensor. The HIH-5031 is a covered, condensation-resistant, integrated circuit humidity sensor that is factory-fitted with a hydrophobic filter allowing it to be used in many condensing environments.


HIH-5030/5031 Series humidity sensors' potential industrial and medical applications include air compressors and drying equipment, battery-powered systems, HVAC, OEM assemblies, process equipment, refrigeration, weather stations and meteorology equipment, hospital air compressors, infant incubators, microenvironments, sleep apnea equipment, and treadmill stress monitoring equipment.





Robyn Seykora


1985 Douglas Drive Golden Valley,

MN 55432 USA

Tel.: (763) 954-5378

E-mail: Robyn.Seykora@Honeywell.com

5030/5031 Series humidity sensors

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