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New Low Power 3-axis Sensor Brings Robust and Reliable Acceleration Sensing to an Affordable Level


The SCA3060 digital (SPI or I2C) 3-axis 2 g accelerometer family is aimed for industrial and automotive non-safety critical applications like position sensing, navigation aid, anti-theft vehicle alarms, black boxes etc. "SCA3060 is a perfect match for cost sensitive applications where low power consumption is valued and robust packaging is required to ensure sensor reliability over temperature and lifetime" says Juhani Pelttari, Field Sales Engineer, European Area Sales.


The sensor is automotive qualified according to AEC Q100 Grade 2 (temperature range -40 C +105 C). The DFL (Dual Flat Lead) packaging technology - familiar from VTI's high end automotive ESC sensor family - enables reliable operation in tough environments throughout component lifetime. SCA3060 power consumption is very low for industrial sensors (150 A in active measurement). Component also features built-in motion detection and ring buffer memory for power and C resource management and wake-up functioning. Available versions are SCA3060-D01 for SPI and SCA3060-D02 for I2C interfaces. Sample quantities are available immediately with mass production planned to start during the second half of this year.


















Mr. Jari Nieminen,

Product Manager,

VTI Technologies

Tel.:+358-9-87918 606

E-mail: firstname.lastname@vti.fi

SCA3060 digital accelerometer



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