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Linear-Position Sensors Now Offer Super Shield Housing


CARY, N.C. - MTS Systems Corp., Sensors Division has further improved the design of its Temposonics® linear-position sensors for longevity in harsh environments by adding a super shield housing option to ensure long-term wear. Ordered as an integrated package with R-Series and G-Series sensors, the SSH housing is hermetically sealed and made of stainless steel, meeting the requirements of protection modes IP 68 and IP 69K. The new housing provides protection against corrosion and penetration of dirt and water, regardless of difficult environmental conditions, making it ideal for outdoor use as well as applications requiring high-pressure wash-down cleaning.


"By combining Temposonics R-Series and G-Series sensors with this unique housing, MTS has developed a cost-effective solution to further enhance the proven non-wearing, trouble-free performance of magnetostrictive technology in the harshest environments," said Matt Hankinson, technical marketing manager, MTS Sensors. "This will particularly benefit outdoor applications like waterworks and hydroelectric power stations, off-shore wind mills, steel mills and chemical engineering processes."


MTS' robust, rod-style sensors were developed for measuring lengths of 25 to 7600 mm. The Temposonics modular sensor cartridge design enables the customer to choose the specific sensor output configurations to be installed within the super shield housing to best fit application requirements. A wide choice of interfaces (Analog, Profibus, SSI, CANbus, DeviceNet, EtherCAT®, POWERLINK) is available. Additionally, integration of ATEX-certified and intrinsically safe sensors is possible with the protective housing.


MTS' R-Series sensors are rugged, industrial sensors that provide absolute, linear-position measurement with high-performance output protocols.  With linearity deviation down to +/- 0.01 % full stroke  (+/- 20 micrometers with the linearity correction option), resolution of 1 micrometer, and repeatability of min. +/- 2.5 micrometer these sensors are ideal for applications that require accuracy, reliability, and consistency.


G-Series sensors are rugged, industrial sensors that provide highly accurate measurements in either analog or digital outputs, offer enhanced diagnostics and programming capabilities, and are designed for backwards compatibility with legacy Temposonics products.





Matt Hankinson

MTS Sensors Division

Technical Marketing Manager

Tel.: +1-919-677-2347

E-mail: matt.hankinson@mts.com

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