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New Electrolytic Tilt Sensor with Patented "Thin Film" Technology


The Fredericks Company has announced release of their new High Accuracy Electrolytic Tilt Sensor with patented "thin film" technology. The sensor provides inclination measurement with arc second repeatability untouched by MEMS sensor technology.


Designed to provide sub arc second measurement, the new tilt sensor offers an angle range of +/-30 arc minutes, less than 0.05 arc second resolution and less than 0.5 arc second repeatability at null. The sensor's unique, patented "thin film" technology greatly reduces unit cost compared to traditional high accuracy tilt sensors, and a hermetic seal design guarantees a long operating life in the most extreme operating conditions.


Typical applications include, but are not limited to, geophysical monitoring, surveying equipment, aircraft avionics, machine tool leveling, and other position monitoring and measurement instrumentation requiring high accuracy inclination measurement.





















John Weigner
The Fredericks Company
Tel.: 215-938-4433

Fax: 215-947-7464

E-mail: sjablonski@frederickscom.com

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