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CANLab: A Universal Network Analysis Tool for Controller Area Networks


Wixom, Michigan , USA, – Accurate Technologies Inc. (ATI) announced the availability of CANLab, its new universal network analysis tool for the monitoring and logging of messages and signals on a Controller Area Network (CAN).


Designed using Microsoft’s new state of the art technology for software development known as .NET, CANLab is the latest ATI network analysis product that offers the ability to analyze CAN networks at the message and signal level. The CANLab Workspace contains all the setup information for channels, devices, databases, loggers and screens, and organizes its configuration in what is called a “Workspace”( whose screens can be arranged through a docking window management scheme). Messages and signals transmitted from any available network channel can be shown and manipulated with a variety of powerful options. Bus analysis would not be complete without providing the ability to send messages over any available network channel. CANLab advances the diagnostics of networks by facilitating the ability to re-send recorded bus traffic. Additionally, real-time data and data imported from previous recordings can be viewed simultaneously for in-depth post analysis. “By reviewing other similar products, and developing a solid infrastructure with the .NET Framework, ATI has provided its customer with a solid product that can only improve their success,” said Steven Kuznicki, ATI CANLab’s product manager.

Due to ATI’s proven design of powerful cost-effective and timesavings solutions, ATI continues to provide its customers with well designed software to solve challenging problems and accelerate innovation. This approach to software development enables system, calibration, and test and validation engineers to work on anything from simple network analyses to advanced troubleshooting of complex systems. As a result, the product development cycle is shortened and the placement of products into the market is much faster. With the release of this new product, ATI not only expands its existing line of system development tools, but it fulfills the industry’s need for a simple network analysis tool. “Based on ATI’s success and its response to the needs of its growing customer base across industries, ATI CANLab allows automotive manufacturers and suppliers to meet demands of designing an increasingly complex new vehicle,” said Jeffrey Kittka, ATI’s marketing director.


Supported Hardware

ATI CANLab supports a wide variety of CAN interface hardware products as follows:

  • Kvaser Hardware Products

  • Vector Hardware Products

Minimum System Requirements for CANLab

  • MS Windows 2000 and XP. Minimum 500 MHz processor with at least 128 MB of RAM memory

  • CAN hardware

  • Kvaser supported by v3.8 device driver

  • Vector supported by v4.3 device driver


Oanh Jordan,

Accurate Technologies Inc.

47199 Cartier Drive, Wixom, MI 48393

Tel.: 248-848-9200

E-mail: ojordan@accuratetechnologies.com




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