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Sensor Notification Matrix - a Revolution

in Monitoring


Bangkok, Thailand. AKCP, announced the revolutionary Sensor Notification Matrix. A major innovation, the Sensor Notification Matrix is available in all AKCP Linux-based products (cameraProbe8 and sensorProbe8Linux series).


Never before has such versatility been available to protect assets and infrastructure. Send alerts via Email, SNMP trap, SMS, MMS, Text to Speech, Telephone calls and more. The Sensor Notification Matrix can be customized by users to transmit unique notification messages. With the Sensor Notification Matrix, the flexibility of notification for individual sensors on the sensorProbe8Linux-X60, sensorProbe8Linux, sensorProbe8Linux-X20 and cameraProbe8 is substantially increased.


For Email, SMS, MMS, Speech, and Telephone calls, the notification message can be completely customized by users. There are also pre-defined "macros" which provide information from the system, and may be used to build up a meaningful message. Some available macros are sensor type, sensor description, sensor status, IP address, and system date and time.


Each individual sensor may have different settings which can execute any alarm. Alarms can also be escalated so that different people are notified with different messages. For example, an e-mail alarm for a temperature sensor is sent to the maintenance staff, while an alarm from the security sensor will be telephoned to the security officer. Or, the alert for a DC voltage sensor is sent via SNMP trap whereas the alert for a dry contact on another port is sent via both e-mail and SNMP trap. That is just part of what the Sensor Notification Matrix is capable of.



Jim Jeffords


Bangkok, Thailand

E-mail: jjeffords@AKCP.com

Sensor notification matrix



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