Bullet Sensors & Transducers e-Digest, Vol. 72, Issue 10, October 2007: Product News

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MTS Temposonics® Analog Linear Sensor Combines Performance and Functionality in Rugged Package


CARY, NC - Building on its next-generation Temposonics® design platform, the new R-Series analog sensor from MTS provides enhanced sensing performance along with extended functionality and programmability. As one of the industry's most sophisticated and versatile analog sensors, the R-Series includes fully programmable dual channel outputs for simultaneous position and velocity, or dual magnet position, all within the same compact sensor envelope.


With a variety of housing and mounting options, the R-Series analog sensor is ideal for industrial applications, especially harsh environments where EMI, shock and vibration are factors.


“The extended functionality of the new R-Series analog sensor makes it one of the most versatile linear position sensors on the market,” said Dave Edeal, Temposonics industrial marketing manager for MTS.  “The programmable dual-channel outputs will enable customers to use accurate and rugged magnetostrictive sensing technology in ways that can both improve servosystem performance, and reduce per axis sensor costs.”


The R-Series analog sensor can produce outputs for two independent magnet marker positions simultaneously with a dual-channel electronic design.  This capability, only available using Tempsonics magnetostrictive sensors, enables the user to measure two parallel or relative motion axes with a single sensor.  The dual-magnet feature is especially helpful when replacing legacy designs with multiple discrete or linear position sensors, such as those found in injection molding machines, multi-platen presses, and mill roller applications.  For systems requiring more than two position outputs (up to 15 simultaneously), Temposonics R-Series fieldbus sensors with Profibus DP or CANbus interfaces may be used as an alternative.


In addition, the new sensor incorporates visual diagnostic LEDs, to minimize troubleshooting effort and downtime that might otherwise be associated with the sensor.  For example, red and green LEDs indicate normal operation, magnet not detected, or magnet out of allowable sensing range.

Analog Linear Sensor




Dave Edeal,

Product Marketing Manager

MTS Temposonics

Tel.: 919-677-0100

E-mail: david.edeal@mts.com



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